Revisiting Scotland

In honor of the one year anniversary of my Scotland trip, I thought I would repost last years article about it. I truly love that country and can’t wait to go back again.

I’ve attached a couple more photos that weren’t in the original article which you can see here.

Glasgow – so glad I didn’t rent a car and try to drive myself.
A Scots Toast
Hollyrood Castle – Edinburgh

Some of my pictures show dreary, rainy skies but I didn’t want you think that is how it was my entire trip. The Edinburgh picture and the Hollyrood Castle pictures were taken the same afternoon. That’s how quickly the weather would change and suddenly become sunny and beautiful.

Thank for joining me on my trip down memory lane. It was the trip of a lifetime and I hope to get there again soon.

Debbie Boek

Author: debbieboek

I am the author of The Devereaux Chronicles, a series of supernatural thrillers which includes Devil's Bait, Devil's Retribution and Devil's Gathering. I have also written two historical romance novels, If Not For The Knight and Sommers' Folly which were originally published several years ago and which I have re-released. All of my books are available at I am currently working on the sequel to If Not For The Knight and that should be released this fall.

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