This time it’s personal.  I hope you’re ready for the sequel to Devil’s Bait because it is just about ready and will be published in early July.

Although Devil’s Retribution is a stand-alone book, some of the characters from Devil’s Bait are back for more adventure and I think you might appreciate them, and the storyline, even more if you have already read the first book.

The story takes place at a ski lodge in Vermont where the Devereaux brothers get snowed in due to a blizzard. While there, they discover that a nefarious bootlegger is operating out of the ski lodge. He isn’t willing to risk being exposed by the brothers and they race to uncover his identity before he is able to get them out of his way permanently.

Bigfoot Crossing

And then, of course, we have Bigfoot, with vengeance in his little heart and blood on his long, sharp claws. It doesn’t take long for Scott and Tim to realize that the creature is hunting them, and it will not hesitate to destroy anyone that gets between it and its prey.

I think you’ll have fun with this book. It’s filled with suspense and action, there is danger at every turn, both inside and outside the lodge. There is personal drama as the characters have to work through issues in their relationships and try to find what might lie ahead for them in the future. But there are also some light-hearted moments and some new quirky characters that you’ll want to get to know.

Bigfoot with Nessie

This is the second installment of the Devereaux Chronicles and I’m looking forward to having many more adventures with these characters. I hope you’ll join me. Please feel free to send me a message with your email address if you’d be interested in getting an update on the release date or you can check my website at Thanks for all of your support and Happy Hunting.

Debbie Boek


Author: debbieboek

I am the author of The Devereaux Chronicles, a series of supernatural thrillers and I've also completed a series of medieval historical romance novels called Knights Are Forever. All of my books are available at and if you visit my website at you can learn more about all of my books and other places where you can obtain them.

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